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Dr. Eric J. Wisdom

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Dental care
Dental care

"Thank you so much for taking such great care of me during my visit. You both made me comfortable and kept me laughing during a stressful/scary time. Your bedside manner is fantastic and it is rare to have someone smiling (while) walking out the door after a tooth has been pulled. Thanks again!"

— N. Davies


"We were stationed at Fort Riley in October of 1992 and with the exceptions of training and deployments have been here ever since.  Dr. Wisdom has been our dentist since our first teenager (now 26), was a grinder with frequent headaches. That led not only to general dentistry for our family, but two of which included orthodontic care.  One characteristic that has been consistently demonstrated by Dr. Wisdom is his tender care and rapport with children.  As we all know, the dentist appointment is one we usually dread, if not avoid as long as we can.  His treatment in the chair and with ongoing care has been tremendous.  We have been using him for a long time and would be the only dentist we'd recommend.  Additionally, the office and billing staff have been great.  Transitioning our insurance from active duty to retired has been flawless.  The payment plans on the ortho care are extremely reasonable.  Thank you Eric and crew!"

— R. Murphy (patients for almost 23 years)


"Thank you so much for blessing my 90 year old mother with your gentle care and generous spirit!  She was so surprised when she heard the person at the front desk say there would be no charge, she was speechless, which is quite a feat!  I'm the youngest of her seven children, living in Oklahoma City, but just wanted to pass on our families appreciation and thankfulness for your gift of service.  Thank you so much from the Taussig Family."

— A. Taussig


"Doc, I know it's only day 1 after you adjusted my bite & helped relieve me of the pain & tension I've been feeling in my jaw & face, but I can't thank you enough! I sleep great - my teeth weren't banging into each other and I look and feel better - more relaxed. I wanted to personally write you this thank you, as my way of expressing my gratitude.

You have a 'Gift', and you've been blessed with spiritual 'wisdom', (if you will) and hands that heal. Your insight is keen & I believe in your work & you! Thank you so much for helping me be "pain free". In a world where we have to take chances in trusting other (when it comes to our lives & our health)'ve proven to be worth the investment!!! I look forward to the next visit to continue my journey toward better oral healthcare. Have a blessed Thanksgiving."

My best to you & yours!

— P. Reed


"I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank all of you for the great care you gave me. Going to the dentist was always a nerve-racking experience for me, until I came to your office. I always felt at ease and knew I was getting the best possible care. I truly appreciate all you have done for me.

I had my first appointment with my new dentist in Greensburg last week. We were discussing my dental history and I expressed to him that I felt you were a great dentist. Well, when the examination began, these were the words that came out of his mouth, "Wow!... This is nice work. He is good. I'm glad he's in Kansas and not Pennsylvania!" And I just felt that it was a compliment that you should hear.

Thank you again for all your care…every one of you!"

— M.E. Baptist


"My family has been going to Dr. Wisdom for almost six years. In that time, we have received exceptional dental and orthodontic care. He has endeavored to solve the underlying problems with my daughters' braces, as opposed to just straightening their teeth."


— G. Mummert


"Dr. Wisdom and his staff are simply amazing. I began seeing "Doc" when I was a college student MANY years ago and have continued seeing him well after I graduated. He did an amazing job correcting my son's teeth with orthodontic work and my daughter will soon follow. Though we no longer reside in Manhattan, we make the drive to him for these appointments because I couldn't imagine allowing any other dentist to treat me, my children and my husband. He is compassionate, trustworthy and, quite simply, the best dentist in town!!"

— M. Butler, patient for 20 years


"Looking back at all the procedures I went through to fix my dental problems and all the anxiety I felt, I can honestly say it was worth it!  Dr. Wisdom and his team walked me through each step to ensure I understood what was being done and what to expect.  They did everything they could to help put me at ease.  It took time but I can honestly say I would do it all again with Dr. Wisdom and his team."

— M. Koch


"Thank you for the movie ticket and for providing the absolute best customer service.  Your staff is so friendly and helpful.  I really enjoy calling your dentist office my "new dentist" office upon moving to Manhattan."

— L. Campbell


"I am extremely grateful to the staff at Dr. Wisdom's office for their exceptional efforts to complete a successful appeal for payment with my insurance company.  The staff gathered evidence from other Doctors and completed 3 seperate appeal packages over the course of 3 months before ultimately winning the appeal.  This type of staff commitment is rare and is the reason I will continue to use Dr. Wisdom as my primary dentist."

— Randy F.


"Doc, Thanks for everything. We are blessed dto be able to provide patients a better and pain free smiles. I really appreciate working with you!"

-- Carla


"Dr. Wisdom, Thank you for volunteering your time in our clinic. Your patience, knowledge, and involvment are greatly appreciated. We value the time you persoanlly dedicated to help our program succeed. Thank you for givin gus the opportunity to learn from you and improve our dental abilities. Learning from your actions by serving the community influences us all to become the best we can be and the impact we can make in our patients lives"


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"Dr. Vail and Crew - Thank you so much for taking excellent care of me and my journey to restore my smile!  On my first visit with you, your staff was very kind and gentle.  They speak very highly of you.  I have a huge phobia about dentists and methods of treatment.  I was so scared at my first visit.  You gave me the opportunity to express my fears and the fear that I will not be numbed once the procedure starts.  Your kind words of reassurance that I would not experience pain and you would explain what you are doing put me at ease.  Your eyes said much more - you care and you said everything is going to be fine.  Then I knew I finaly found the right dentist and staff!

Thank you Dr. Vail and Awesome Staff!"

— K. Claflin


"It's been a few months since the braces have come off and the retianer is on.  After looking at an old picture of me smiling from 2 years ago, I felt compelled to write you a HUGE Thank You!  My teeth are so straight now!!  Not only are my teeth straight, you also cured my jaw problems, and that has almost completly eliminated my headaches, neck pain and jaw soreness/popping/clicking.  With moving around in the Military, I've had the "pleasure" of having quite a few dentists.  You are the first one that took the time to address those problems (which I've had for over 17 years) and fix them to perfection.  Thank you, thank you, thank you."

— L. White

"P.S.  I have actually been getting comments on how straight my teeth are :-)"