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Dr. Eric J. Wisdom

D.D.S., P.A.

Questions you may have regarding Dental Insurance.

Q:  Do you accept my dental insurance?

A:  We accept most insurances.  As a courtesy to our patients, we will file your dental services with your insurance policy.  However, there is no

     guarantee of payment by your insurance provider nor is there any way for us to be knowledgable of your policy (specific) with all the hundreds

     of different kinds out there.  Your employer chooses policies of which you get to select from to suit yourself and/or families' needs.


Q:  Do you take the State/Medicaid dental policies?

A: Yes, we accept the Dental Health & Wellness aka Sunflower, Amerigroup, and United Healthcare for kids ages 3 up to 20 years of age only.  However, we are currently not accepting any new patients with either of these 3 policies at this time.


Q:  Do you file for Medicare?

A: No


Q:  What does In-Network/Out-of-Network mean to me?

A:  In-Network means we are a contracted dental provider by agreeing to not charge more than what the insurance allows us to charge.

     Out-of-Network means we are not in contract with a particular dental insurance company.  Therefore, the difference from what we charge and

     the insurance's allowable amount they set forth is essentially the patient's responsibility.


Q:  What is co-insurance?

A: Most insurance policies have a co-insurance and very few do not.  This is the percentage amount you agreed to pay when you signed up for your

     policy whether it be 80/20; 70/30; 60/40; 50/50; 40/60, etc.  If your policy pays 100% for preventative and diagnostic services as an In-Network

     provider, then you mostly will not owe any monies for those services.  Should your policy pay 80% for basic services as an In-Network provider,

     then not only would you be responsible for the remaining 20% but quite possible a deductible too.  

     ALWAYS keep in mind, there is no guarantee of payment by your insurance company.


Q:  Should I get a pre-determination/pre-authorization for dental services?

A: If you and your dentist decideyou are in need of a service that would be considered a "major" service by insurance standards (i.e. crown, bridge,

     partial denture, denture, or implant), then yes.  We submit to your dental insurance all appropriate radiographs and/or documents alongside a

     pre-determination so we both know whether your policy will cover the service(s) in question.  The length of time to hear back from an insurance

     company can take up to 30 days (estimate) or longer depending on if you have more than one policy.  Once we receive the pre-determination via

     mail, our insurance coordinator will note on a copy she sends you a break-down of what your estimated financial responsibility would be.

    *Please note that all pre-determinations have an expiration date.

    **What also needs to be noted and understood is a pre-determination is an estimate and not a guarantee of payment by your dental

         insurance policy.